URALCHEM adds innovative tank cars to its railcar fleet

URALCHEM adds innovative tank cars to its railcar fleet

URALCHEM and TikhvinKhimMash plant (TKM, part of the United Railcar Company railway holding, URC) have signed an agreement on the supply of new-generation tank cars for ammonia transportation.

The tank car for the transportation of ammonia manufactured by TKM allows to effectively use the space due to the increased boiler volume (92.7 m3) and enhanced load capacity (60.2 t). The increased volume of the tank boiler makes it possible to increase the volume of transported goods by 5-10%.

All tank cars produced by TKM use shady shielding, which ensures the transportation of ammonia with the filling temperature up to -33°C; they are equipped with a boiler with dispensing and safety valves. The service life of each car is 40 years.

Vsevolod Kovshov, Director of LLC URALCHEM-Trans:

‘Our company regularly expands the car fleet. To date, the share of the innovative rolling stock of URALCHEM-Trans is about 10%. Expansion of the range of specialised railcars contributes to the increase in logistics efficiency of the company. We plan to further develop partnership relations with URC. Our goal is to constantly increase the share of the innovative rolling stock.’

The first stage of cooperation between the two companies was the signing in 2013 of an agreement on the long-term lease of gondola cars and hoppers of new generation produced by Tikhvin Carriage Works. URC is also a constant participant in tenders for the purchase of railcars organised by URALCHEM.