URALCHEM Expands Solar Product Line

URALCHEM Expands Solar Product Line

New products of the Solar line – NISO-4 curing-salt mixture and fodder urea for ruminants – were presented at the joint stand of URALCHEM and Uralkali at the Golden Autumn Russian Agricultural Exhibition.

In order to diversify the product line and create new products, URALCHEM continually monitors the needs of customers in various kinds of products. NISO-4 curing-salt mixture is a food supplement for the meat industry that is manufactured at the Azot branch of URALCHEM as part of the state import phase-out program. The new-generation curing-salt mixture for the production of meat gourmets and sausages has been developed for the Solar Food series and complies with the most-advanced world standards.

The new product of the Azot branch is distinguished by its high purity and fixed sodium nitrite content, which strictly complies with the food industry standards established by Gorbatov Nationwide Meat Industry Research Institute.

NISO-4 curing-salt mixture is supplied in the form of microgranules. Compared to the crystalline form of the previous generation, it is more convenient for transportation and storage, and much more efficient in use. The use of microgranules optimizes many technological processes of meat production: from logistics to quality control. The new curing-salt mixture can be used in any meat-processing industry, including those with specific requirements for recipes.

Murad Chaparov, Director of the Azot branch of URALCHEM: “We are pleased to offer the Russian meat industry a new food supplement that will undoubtedly be in demand in such highly competitive business. Solar Food is a new series of products developed using modern technologies and based on new production principles. We guarantee the absolute quality of the product and strictest compliance with all the regulations and consumer properties of the curing-salt mixture. I am sure that the product itself, its various brands and packages, as well as the delivery service, will be a convenient and practical solution for both large enterprises and local meat producers.”

Fodder urea ­is a new product of the PMF branch. It was developed as a part of the Solar Feed series. A toxicological evaluation carried out at the International Research Center for the Protection of Human Health, Animals and the Environment found the urea to be non-toxic and safe to use. In May 2017, URALCHEM was the first in Russia to receive a certificate of registration of urea as a fodder supplement for ruminant animals.

The new product of the PMF branch is manufactured using Japanese TEC technology, and is superior to its competition in terms of purity, since the biuret content in it is much lower than allowed in accordance with GOST – less than 0.5% instead of the allowed 3%.

Alexey Averyanov, Director of the PMF Branch of URALCHEM: “Around the world, more than two million tons of urea a year are used for fodder production. Not only does this allow stockbreeders to increase milk yields and achieve a gain in live weight, but also reduces feed costs by an estimated 10-15%. This worldwide practice is just beginning to spread to Russia. Together with the specialized research institutes, we have conducted large-scale studies that confirm the safety and effectiveness of our products. We are especially proud that our company was the first in Russia to receive an official Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance permission to use urea as an additive to the ruminant ration.”