URALCHEM presented innovative products at the Chemistry – 2017 exhibition

URALCHEM presented innovative products at the Chemistry – 2017 exhibition

URALCHEM presented its innovative products: calcium nitrate, curing mixture NISO 1, 2, 3, 4 and low-biuret urea at the international Chemistry – 2017 exhibition.

Concentrated calcium nitrate is the flagship product in the range of Solar, water-soluble fertilizers developed under the import substitution programme. It not only surpasses foreign analogues in quality, but it is unique for the world market. Other manufacturers offer various kinds of calcium nitrate, whereas the product developed by URALCHEM has a number of important differences that make it more attractive (and in some cases indispensable) for the consumer. Concentrated calcium nitrate has the most content of calcium nitrate (in comparison with products of other manufacturers) as a chemical compound, not less than 98%, and it does not contain ballast components.

In industry, calcium nitrate is used as a component of emulsion explosives. The use of calcium nitrate reduces the emulsion crystallisation temperature within a range of 40-60°C, facilitates the temperature regime of emulsion explosives production and increases the density of the oxidation phase. In addition, it provides a higher concentration of explosive energy in the well, which is especially important when working with hard rocks.

Low-biuret urea is a multipurpose product that can be used both in agriculture and industry. In the first instance, urea is used for foliar application, which allows significant improvement in the quality of the grain; the protein and gluten content are increased. As a raw material, low-biuret urea is used for the production of plastics, adhesives, urea formaldehyde resins for wood boards and plywood and also as a component of additives to neutralise the exhaust gases of plants and diesel engines. The low content of biuret and heavy metals makes the product safe for plants and humans. The urea production is certified according to ISO international standards and the International Fertilizer Association (IFA).

The curing mixture NISO is a food additive for the meat processing industry created at Azot Branch of URALCHEM as part of the state import substitution programme. The new generation nitrite curing mixture for the production of meat specialties and sausages has been developed for the Solar Food series and meets the most advanced world standards. The product is characterised by high purity and a fixed content of sodium nitrite, which strictly complies with the food industry standards established by VNIIMP named after Gorbaty. The curing mixture NISO is supplied in the form of microgranules. In comparison with the crystalline form of previous generation curing mixtures, it is more convenient for transportation and storage and much more effective in use. The use of microgranules optimises many processes of meat processing — from logistics to quality control. The new curing mixture is suitable for any meat processing industry, including those that set specific requirements for recipes.

In order to meet the growing needs of the domestic market for its products and to provide its consumers with the most convenient logistics, the company has created and actively develops a domestic distribution network. The first sales bases opened in autumn 2016. At present, URALCHEM’s own distribution network includes 9 bases in Belgorod, Birobidzhan, Blagoveshchensk, Voskresensk, Yekaterinburg, Kropotkin, Sergach, Volgograd and Novosibirsk.