Ministry of Agriculture Awards a “Green Standard” Trademark to Uralchem’s Fertilisers

Ministry of Agriculture Awards a “Green Standard” Trademark to Uralchem’s Fertilisers

All Uralchem’s products have received a “Mineral fertilisers with improved environmental characteristics” certificate of conformity issued by the accredited certification body Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo).

Roskachestvo audited Uralchem’s production sites for compliance with requirements to production, storage, transportation, and sale of products, as well as to management of documentation. In addition, an independent laboratory tested samples of Uralchem’s products for the content of pollutants (in particular, heavy metals) against requirements of Russian national standards (GOST).

Following the certification, Uralchem has become authorised to put the “Green Standard” trademark on its fertiliser packaging. The entire range of the Company’s registered products (today Uralchem offers about 80 types of mineral fertilisers and other chemical products) has passed certification. New products will also be certified and added to the list.

Dmitry Konyaev, CEO of Uralchem JSC:

“Currently, participation in certification to obtain this trademark is absolutely voluntary for any Russian company. Our compliance with this GOST confirms that our fertilisers are classified as “green”, meaning that they are not only efficient but also safe for people and the environment. We care about the environment by constantly improving the quality of our products, upgrading the production process, and introducing innovative and high-tech solutions.”

On 1 March 2022, the Federal Law “On agricultural products, raw materials, and food with improved characteristics” entered into force in Russia. Its aim is to develop the market for improved products and make them more accessible for consumers. The owner of the “Green Standard” trademark is the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.