URALCHEM presented its products in Mexico


Moscow, Russia – 28 February, 2013. For the first time, URALCHEM became an exhibitor at one of the largest agricultural shows in Mexico, Expo Agro Sinaloa 2013.

The event is held annually in the state of Sinaloa on the Mexican west coast, one of the most developed agricultural regions of Mexico, and traditionally involves companies from over 30 countries. Every year it attracts more than 45,000 farmers and other agricultural professionals.

Experts from URALCHEM presented the company’s new and innovative products: ammonium nitrate with sulphur NS 30:7 and soluble monoammonium phosphate (MAP), which is part of the SOLAR line of specialized water-soluble fertilizers. Also displayed were products already familiar to Mexican farmers such as NP 33:3 and calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN).

The new fertilizer brands presented at the exhibition aroused great interest among consumers. Ammonium nitrate with sulphur NS 30:7 is a true alternative to urea, which is currently the most commonly used nitrogen fertilizer in the region. However, in contrast to urea, NS 30:7 can significantly reduce the large loss of nitrogen (up to 60%) associated with normal use . The efficiency of URALCHEM’s products is supported by numerous joint studies conducted by the company in association with national associations of agricultural producers and the National Research Institute of Agriculture and Livestock (INIFAP).

During a meeting at the exhibition, Manuel Hernandez Lopez, president of the National Association of Wheat of Mexico (Comité Nacional Sistema Producto Trigo), which has been testing URALCHEM’s fertilizers, paid high praise to the quality of NS 30:7. He also shared information about the first test results, “Now we can say with confidence that the product has proved to be excellent. Wheat has successfully survived the cold of last winter, which was unusual for Mexico. Plants with NS 30:7 were much more advanced than those grown with urea.” When the wheat reaches a final maturation stage in April, the National Association of Wheat is planning to give farmers a comparative demonstration of fields fertilized with NS 30:7.

URALCHEM has been promoting its products to farmers and representatives of major national agricultural associations in Mexico since early 2012. “Expo Agro Sinaola 2013 has become an excellent platform for achieving a wide range of tasks. It allowed us not only to introduce new products, but also to strengthen contacts with local consumers," said Tatiana Grebennikova, product management director at the business development department of URALCHEM.