Social projects

Uralchem production facilities run various programmes aimed at providing social support to our employees and other stakeholders. These programmes are developed taking into account the interests and needs of the Company's stakeholders.

Medical care

We view medical care programmes for personnel as a social investment to improve health and quality of life of our employees while ensuring cost effective expenditures.

Medical support programmes for plants’ employees include voluntary medical insurance at the employer’s expense, regular medical examinations of personnel at the plants’ health centres, out-patient care and treatment procedures, vouchers to healthcare centres, and seasonal vaccination of employees.

Children and Youth

Caring for the younger generation is one of the most important aspects of our corporate social responsibility policy. The children and youth support policies of the Company’s production facilities mainly focus on the following areas:

  • educational support: paying for employees’ childrens’ tuition in universities;
  • recreational support: summer camps and resorts in southern Russia, tours, holidays, activity clubs, summer employment of high school and university students, support of tourist and entertainment teams;
  • medical support: provison of medical services;
  • social support: one-time allowances to employees resuming employment after compulsory military service, support of youth organisations, annual incentives for active youth, vocational competitions among young workers, and financial aid to large families and families with special-needs children.
Corporate Sports

Fitness and sports play an important role in supporting general health, facilitating teambuilding, and raising important personal qualities in people. Uralchem strongly supports all sporting programmes organised by the plants and encourage the sporting initiatives of our employees.

The Company regularly holds sports days, games and festivals, field-and-track and skiing tournaments, and winners are given an opportunity to take part in regional and national competitions. Employees are also offered gym, pool and other sports memberships.

We often organise sports and recreational events on public holidays like the New Year, Chemical Worker’s Day, Athlete’s Day etc. Employees, especially our younger members, eagerly participate in summer and winter camping trips and festivals, rafting and other outdoor activities.

Organisation of Recreation and Leisure

Hard work and dedication of our employees dictate full and proper rest time. To help members of our corporate family recover after work, the Company arranges recreational events for employees and their families, and also for Uralchem’s labour veterans.

For instance, employees can visit corporate resort centres, participate in festivities during public holidays, take part in corporate contests, and attend cultural and entertainment events.

Housing Programme

For those employees in need of improvement of their housing conditions, Uralchem offers a housing programme, which includes financing of new residential construction, and sales of primary and secondary market flats to employees at lower prices, and accommodation at hostels. In some cases, the Company may act as a guarantor for banks if an employee needs to take a loan.

Financial Support to Employees

Uralchem’s production subsidiaries use collective bargaining agreements, which are one of the most important attributes of contemporary labour relations between employers and employees. In addition to provisions on labour conditions, collective agreements specify social benefits and financial support available for employees, including the payment of a one-time allowance, compensations, and extended annual leave.

A one-time allowance is paid to young specialists at the time of their employment after graduation from technical schools and universities, to new employees who demobilized from the military, retiring employees, and employees going on annual leave. The Company also subsidizes expensive surgeries and medical treatments, and provides financial support in the event of death in the family and in certain other situations.

Moreover, employees of production facilities receive a 50% compensation for certain medical services; free medical examinations for pregnant women are also provided.

Additional paid leave days are given to pregnant women, parents of first-grade children, employees about to get married, or if a close relative died.

Support to Veterans

Charity projects financed by Uralchem’s production facilities mainly focus on supporting veterans, retirees, and vulnerable population groups. The Company also helps orphanages, kindergartens, schools, children’s clubs, children with special needs, and war and labour veterans.

Financial aid is provided both directly and through charity foundations. Social support is not limited to monetary assistance and can take other forms. For instance, Unions of Veterans arrange visits to sick people, veterans' flats are repaired at the Company’s expense, gardeners receive mineral fertilisers for free etc.