Local communities

Uralchem implements social and charity programmes aimed at supporting communities in all regions of its operations. The Company’s plants establish reliable and mutually beneficial relationships with local communities, identify stakeholders’ needs, and implement long-term projects based on the feedback received.

Uralchem's community support activities include the following programmes:

  • Uralchem for Children: Assisting kindergartens, orphanages and schools, children's sports clubs, associations, and charity foundations; facilitating children's recreation and other activities; implementation of health, educational and recreational projects for children
  • Uralchem for Veterans: Providing aid to war and labour veterans, people with special needs, veteran organisations; foundations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, providing support during Victory Day and other events
  • Uralchem for Regions: Developing the urban environment – roads, landscaping, transport, vegetation, environmental events, community days, and other regional-level events
  • Uralchem for Education and Science: Assisting universities, financing of research, implementation of the “School – University – Enterprise” programme, various career guidance events
  • Uralchem for Cultural Traditions: Assisting museums, churches, concerts, exhibitions, festivals and other federal and regional cultural and art events
  • Uralchem for Sports: Supporting various sports federations, schools, championships, competitions and various sporting events

Community engagement approach

The Company's charity activities are governed by the federal laws "On charity activities and organisations" and "On advertising", and also by the internal Charity and Sponsorship Policy.

The policy reflects the main goals and principles used to determine the efficiency of spending on charity and social projects.

Employees and other interested parties can contact the Company on any matters using a special hotline at +7-800-250-28-98 or Uralchem’s official accounts on social media.


As part of the Uralchem for Children programme, the Company cooperates with kindergartens and schools, takes a direct part in organising various municipal events, and provides comprehensive support to children's clubs and associations.

Since 2010, the KCKK Branch has been helping to renovate and expand existing kindergartens in Kirovo-Chepetsk. It also liaises with municipal and district schools in educational projects and offers sponsorships and grants.

Voskresensk Mineral Fertilisers finances the Voskresensk Social Rehabilitation Centre for Young People in the village of Khorlovo and the Khorlovskaya boarding school for children with special needs. The plant also helped install new playgrounds at educational institutions. Educational materials and equipment were purchased for the Equal Opportunities non-profit organisation.

In turn, the PMF Branch has been providing long-term comprehensive assistance and support to one of the local schools that specialises in social and environmental studies.

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The programme envisages  programme care for retired employees and sponsored veteran organisations. The Company pays labour veterans quarterly allowance, helps them with health issues, and organises recreational activities.

KCKK Branch annually allocates funds to finance the Kirovo-Chepetsk branch of the Russian Union of Veterans of Afghanistan and the local department of the Kirov Regional Union of War, Labour, Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Veterans.

VMF provides financial aid to the Union of Veterans of the Voskresensk Department of Internal Affairs and the Voskresensk branch of the Russian Red Cross

All production facilities of Uralchem allocate funds to their veteran organisations, which include from 400 to 2,500 people. This includes monthly allowances, coverage of medical expenses, and invitations to cultural and sports events.

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This programme focuses on the development of Uralchem’s operating areas. On an annual basis, the Company allocates financing for improvement of the urban environment, landscaping, road repairs, community days and environmental events.

Since 2019, Uralchem has been a sponsor of the Special Amur Tiger Protection Foundation, whose key objective is to preserve and increase the population of this rare species.

In 2021, the Company transferred 296 apartments for residents of the Kirov Region working in the public sector. Every year, the KCKK Branch and municipalities sign social partnership agreements. The Company provides financial support for the implementation of social projects, runs events and flash mobs with the involvement of local residents. Together with the Government of the Kirov Region, the Company sponsors educational institutions in Kirovo-Chepetsk, supports local and federal projects, and participates in civil society, thematic and cultural events.

In 2021, as part of a social partnership, VMF provided financial assistance in organising a summer festival, supported a local hospital and contributed to a charity project to create a memorial to the Voskresensk volunteers of the Moscow People's Militia.

The Azot Branch initiates many social municipal projects, and develops the League of Leaders youth movement to help needy citizens and Azot veterans. The plant also sponsors the Azot cultural and sports centre, which is open to all residents of Berezniki. In 2021, Azot and Berezniki administration signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

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This charity programme focuses on the development of educational and scientific projects. The Company’s plants purchase school equipment and award winners of specialised competitions.

In 2021, with the help of VMF, furniture was purchased and a gym was renovated at one of the Voskresensk schools. Uralchem’s specialists regularly participate in open lessons in chemistry and ecology for school and kindergarten students.

The PMF Branch also supports school chemistry projects and awards medallists of students’ competitions.

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Under this programme, Uralchem promotes spiritual and cultural growth and education of young people.

For instance, Voskresensk Mineral Fertilisers oversees military field days, patriotic festivals and games, and also finances the creation of literary works.

Uralchem also assists religious organisations in the Perm Region: in particular, the Azot Branch provides support to various denominations.

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Uralchem actively develops sports projects at the federal and regional levels, maintains sports facilities, and invites international sports stars to hold master classes and tournaments for amateurs and professionals.

For more than 10 years, the Company has been the general sponsor of the Russian national swimming team. Uralchem also provides financial support to the Russian Swimming Federation, and in 2021 financially helped the Russian Powerboat Federation.

As part of its Champion's Mission project, Uralchem arranges visits of sports legends to the Company’s operating areas, and also helps boosting local communities’ interest and involvement in fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Every year, the KCKK Branch helps arrange competitions in boxing, ice hockey, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, football, and swimming.

The PMF and Azot Branches finance local swimming federations in the Perm Region. In 2021, the regional team won 44 medals in regional, national and international competitions.

In 2021, VMF also acted as a partner of the Golden Ring Cup, an international children's swimming tournament.

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